About us

Clover Edge was founded by Mithil Pradhan, a full-time technical trader who has advised mutual funds, hedge funds, institutions, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). He holds more than 16 years of experience in the real-life application of Technical Analysis & Derivatives.

Mithil has leveraged this vast amount of experience to design the courses at Clover Edge. Armed with his practical insights, which come from thousands of hours of reading charts, he developed these courses to offer unparalleled real-world training for students desirous of mastering technical analysis.

Mithil established Clover Edge with a mission to impart high-quality modern education in Technical Analysis. He believes that financial markets offer an opportunity to build wealth, but most people are unable to capitalize on these opportunities due to lack of knowledge. Clover Edge Academy aims to bridge this gap and empower the participants/ learners with practical strategies, tools and methods in the trading and investing profession.

Yes, there are thousands of textbooks and tutorials offering tips and training for technical analysis. However, most of them have a piecemeal approach and often undermine the practical aspects of trading. Also, at times, these courses are delivered by academicians with little exposure to real-life trading situations.

Our curriculum design is unconventional and path breaking, and goes beyond the mundane textbook stuff taught in most academies. Our courses blend conventional tools with modern day pragmatism, providing learners a holistic educational package, and at the same time, making them aware of the bigger picture. Once the students have gone through the course, they will be armed and equipped to excel in trading and investing across a range of asset classes in the financial markets. That is our promise!