Get enlightened with the most comprehensive and practical course on technical analysis. Learn technical analysis patterns, tools, tactics and psychology as well as trade management in our scientifically designed courses.

The course material is in depth and contemporary and covers almost all the important and advanced aspects of technical analysis. Whether you are a novice or experienced professional, we are confident that you will find this course an indispensable guide, helping you to organize your knowledge, question your mundane assumptions and beliefs, and implement new techniques, to help you generate wealth.


Technical analysis is a complex, ever-expanding discipline. The knowledge offered by successful traders and authors in today’s age cannot be digested by merely listening to lectures or reading books but only with practice. With loads of exercises and examples, our courses are not only designed to teach but to interact and ascertain that the student has absorbed the required knowledge of technical analysis. We organize your knowledge, question your assumptions and beliefs, and implement new techniques in our workshop oriented environment in order to provide a rich learning experience that makes you “rich” as well.


Many technical analysts have learned technical analysis from the mentors who themselves had vast experience of trading and investing. Students who are interested in studying technical analysis today, however, do not have access to such a mentor. In addition, as the profession has advanced, many specific techniques have developed. The result is that the techniques and methods of technical analysis often appear to be a hodge-podge of tools and concepts rather a part of a coherent body of knowledge. Also, this widespread practice has not been matched by academic acknowledgment of the benefits of technical analysis. Academics have been slow to study technical analysis; most of the academic studies of technical analysis have lacked a thorough understanding of the actual practice of technical analysis.

Chief Mentor, Mithil Pradhan has an experience of over 14 years in capital markets and becomes an indispensible guide to all fellow learners in his dual role as a tutor and a practioner who has the diverse experience of trading across diverse asset classes.