Mithil Pradhan, Founder.

Mithil Pradhan

Mithil Pradhan, the Founder of Clover Edge Academy, is a financial market veteran specializing in Technical Analysis, Derivatives and Market Neutral Investing. He has been tracking the Indian and Global equities, Commodities, and Currency markets for well over a decade. Mithil is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) from the prestigious Market Technicians Association (MTA), USA. CMT is one of the topmost global recognition for Technical Analysts.

In a career spanning more than a decade, Mithil has worked with many multinational organizations and held several key positions. Prior to establishing Clover Edge, he was heading the Institutional Technical Research Desk at Violet Arch Securities Pvt. Ltd., where he was managing India-focused funds, both domestic as well as offshore. He has also advised several top individual investors in India. During his career, he has worked with organizations like DBS Cholamandalam, Phillips Capital, Centrum Broking, among others.

Mithil is considered an expert in Elliot Wave Analysis, Fibonacci Ratio Analysis, Inter-market Analysis & application of mechanical indicators, especially the RSI. He has also discovered several new patterns and trading methodologies. Mithil has a knack for breaking down every indicator and method to study it. He holds unique insights of how market moves and is instrumental in modifying the original theories of Technical Analysis for the Indian markets.

“He believes that books only build a base. Everyone reads the same books but not everyone gets the same result. One needs to move beyond books to conceptually understand market action through technical analysis and then develop techniques that offer an edge over the ones discussed in the books.”

Experience is the best teacher. Mithil personifies this phrase. He eats, sleeps and drinks Technical Analysis. He has hands-on experience of what works and what doesn’t. However, even he started as a novice. In the initial stages of his career, he did just what most beginners do. He started reading tons of Technical Analysis books and tried applying those theories to real life trading. Technical Analysis came naturally to him, but not the success. Like most beginners, he faced several setbacks while trading futures and options on Indian stocks and kept losing money for 9 consecutive years. In spite of the misadventures, he kept his belief in Technical analysis and undertook thousands of hours of chart reading, till he found the missing pieces of the puzzle. Today, Mithil is not just an extremely successful short & medium term trader, but also an entrepreneur and a trainer. He is highly disciplined, follows his own rules, never watches news, and does not entertain stock suggestions.

The courses at Clover Edge draw from his personal experiences and how he overcame the losing streak and what are the factors that are responsible in making a good trader – Technically, tactically, and psychologically.

"I am neither Bullish nor Bearish. I am TRENDish. I go where the trend goes. Simple." — Mithil Pradhan