Online Technical Analysis course

Power Course in Price Action Trading

A powerful Technical Analysis course that empowers you to swing trade any market, any stock, any timeframe.

There are thousands of books, hundreds of online tutorials, and tens of courses for learning technical analysis. Still, 98% traders run up irreversible losses every day.
Do You Know Why?

At Clover Edge, we firmly believe that the need of the hour is not those skim-the-surface trading workshops, bookish theories, borrowed intellect or half-baked trading techniques. It is deep-rooted, hands-on training that can help one learn, understand and master the art of trading with Technical Analysis.

This is a comprehensive Technical Analysis course that offers raw scientific knowledge, proven techniques, strategies, and practical theories about how the market works, and how you can profit from it.


Day 1
Technical Analysis Essentials

The mantra for getting ahead and staying ahead is to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. On this day, we first iron out the important price action concepts. We discuss the fundamentals of how the market functions, how trends unfold and how tops and bottoms form. You will learn to identify specific technical analysis events and patterns that have the potential to move the charts.

Day 2
Tools and Techniques

On this day, you build on the foundations laid on the previous day. You will start learning powerful strategies for trading with Candlesticks, Moving Averages, Oscillators, and Bollinger Bands. You will be introduced to three high probability strategies that you can apply with Bollinger bands and Candlesticks, offering low risk and high reward payoffs.

Day 3
Tactics (Special Sessions)
Day Trading Systems

The Clover Edge course offers you a special module on advanced intraday trading techniques. You will learn how ‘time of the day’ affects buying and selling behavior. Master day trading strategies that focuses primarily on the 1st hour and post lunch session, when prices trend, and volatility is high, and hence profit potential can be higher.

  • The Anatomy of the Trading Day
  • High probability Strategies for Day Trading
Trading Tactics

We share our unique insights and trading tactics and teach you the tricks of the trade that are must in trading stocks. Here we focus on the right mental aspect, risk and trade management as well as powerful tactics that are a must for achieving success in this profession.

  • The 3 layers of Trend Analysis
  • Targets and Exit strategies
  • The mathematics of trading
  • The mental aspect of trading
  • Preparing for the market day

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Master the key components of price action trading for developing winning strategies
  • Learn to avoid selling too early or buying too late. With our candlestick entry system, you will always be ahead and catch reversals like a pro
  • Master the art of catching big moves with breakout trading and know when to step aside and take the opposite trade
  • Learn how Support and Resistance levels really work and master the art of buying low and selling high
  • Add dozens of highly effective technical tools to your arsenal
  • Learn and master 7 high-probability trading strategies applicable across time frames and markets
  • Learn a new price pattern that most beginners are unaware of
  • Learn how Bands can pinpoint hidden opportunities that can be applied to any market situation.
  • Learn the key fundamental concepts that you can apply to any indicator or oscillators
  • Learn how to build a strong watch list of promising stocks and set ups for short term profit opportunities
  • Master the art of setting Stop Losses

About The Trainer

Mithil Pradhan

This powerful Technical Analysis course is designed, developed and delivered by Mr. Mithil Pradhan, our Founder.

Mithil is first a trader and then a teacher. He started small and has been trading for over 16 years. In the initial stages of his career, he did what other beginners do. He started reading tons of Technical Analysis books and applying those theories to trading, mainly futures of Indian stocks. Technical Analysis came naturally to him, but not the success. Like most beginners, he faced several setbacks in trading and lost money for 9 consecutive years.

Going beyond textbooks is what made Mithil profitable in trading and this is what he aims to teach through his courses that draw from his personal experiences and how he overcame the losing streak and what are the factors that are responsible in making a good trader – Technically, Tactically, and Psychologically.

To know more about Mithil, please click here.

What do You Get:

  • 16 Hours of high-impact classroom study + a 4-hour special session
  • Scientifically designed course to provide a superior learning experience
  • Interactive hands-on sessions and multiple in-class quizzes and exercises to let you practice
  • Engaging content with hundreds of chart examples for a rich learning experience
  • Precise and concise study¬ material with clear instructions for applying techniques
Support and Continuing Education
  • Free access to practice charts, educational videos, practice videos, quizzes
  • Free online Q&As and educational webinars to resolve doubts and difficulties
  • Live market real-time Webinars to enhance learning and reinforce concepts


Course FAQs

Who is this course ideal for?

The course is primarily aimed towards beginners. However, it covers crucial practical aspects that traders with know-how of Technical Analysis will also find helpful. The course is ideal for:

  • Newcomers to the stock market, as it gives them an excellent head start, and puts them two steps ahead, at par with established traders. Housewives or retired persons looking for extra income can benefit from this. Even those who trade markets as a hobby and want to learn technical analysis based trading will find this helpful.
  • Established Traders. It helps fortify trading strategies, primarily entry and exits by mastering the concept of Support and Resistance and understanding the crucial concept of trading whipsaws which is one of the central themes of this course.
  • Dealers and Relationship Managers, Brokers, Sub-brokers, Investment Advisors. It allows them to generate profitable ideas for their clients, hence earning the trust and improved business volumes.
  • Investors. Apart from offering a holistic overview of how market functions the course teaches investors to time the market, to manage risk, and to trail their positions.
  • Fund and Portfolio Managers and Institutional traders can add benefit from learning new strategies and set ups that they might not otherwise be able to develop.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

Even though our course is structured for a step-by-step learning, a basic understanding of Technical Analysis would be expected from the participants.

How is this course structured?

The course is a 2 ½ day (8 + 8 + 4 hours) classroom course and we are committed to offering you the best and the most comfortable learning experience. Batches are held at professionally managed training facilities like boardrooms, classrooms, or banquet halls at leading business hotels. Cost for training material, meals, and refreshments is included in the course fee.

Can this course be done as a webinar?

Since the course involves hands-on training, we recommend in-class teaching. Of course, all our post course Q&A sessions, as well as real-time live trading sessions will be offered as webinars.

Are these courses career oriented?

Yes, professionals with technical analysis skills have a lot of demand in the market. The course has been designed to give you practical and hands-on training that can be an asset in any job. If you are trading professionally, this course can be a great value-add to your credentials and it can open up a range of opportunities across markets.

After completing this course, a student can either become a trader – full time or part time. With regular practice and application of the concepts taught in this course, one can also become an independent advisor, or can apply for a job as a technical analyst in a broking house, a trading house, or fund management companies.

I already know Technical Analysis; how will this course be useful to me?

Experience says that most traders have biases and trading styles. Sometimes, they need to build on their existing systems and knowledge so that they can move to the next level. We also come across a lot of established traders who are struggling to find perfection. They feel that something is missing in their strategies or approach, and they are looking for an edge. They feel the need to add new skills because over the years, Technical Analysis has expanded rapidly.

I am a Futures and Options trader; will this course help me?

Certainly. Technical Analysis is fractal and universal. The tools, techniques, and approaches we teach you, will find applications across timeframes and markets like Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, Global Markets, And Commodities. All prices move because of supply and demand friction and stock market is no exception.

What next after this course?

This course teaches you high probability strategies, and at the same time lays the groundwork for learning advanced technical analysis. It catapults you to the next level, so that you can move on to mastering specific strategies like the strategic Elliot Wave Theory and Fibonacci or Algorithmic Trading all of which require an in-depth understanding of how market functions.

Do I need to invest in a software?

Students who wish to become full time professional traders should ideally invest in a software. However, there are many free charting websites and free resources that you can use used to get started.

Is this course only meant for short-term time frames?

No. While the course is called ‘Power Course in Short Term Trading’, it is a comprehensive course that trains you to out manoeuvre time barriers.

What kind of support do I get after the course?

After the course, you can continue to get email support to clarify doubts. You can also participate in live sessions that are organized during market hours and Q&A webinars which are held at least once a month.

What about Group bookings?

Group bookings are welcome in a limited sense. Write to us at for registrations and availability.

Payment modes.

Course fees can be paid both online or offline.

Do you offer refresher courses?

Sure. In case you need to attend a refresher course, you are welcome to do so and are entitled to a 50% discount on the prevailing course fees at that time.

Where is the course being held?

Currently, the course is being offered only at Mumbai. However, if you want this course in your city please write to us. In the near future, we plan to organize technical analysis courses in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata as well.

2 Days Classroom
1 Days Classroom:


4 Hours of Special Session
4 Hours of Special Session:

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Webinars, Q&A & Live market
Webinars, Q&A & Live market:

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