Why us?

The Clover Edge Advantage

Trading as a field has attracted some of the world’s top minds. Still, 98% traders lose money. In order to succeed, you need see things that others don’t, so that you can act before others do. There is no place for mere bookish knowledge, hearsay, and herd-mentality. What you need is an edge. Each of our courses are designed to give you just that.

Teacher Trader
A Teacher who is a Trader:

Unlike most other technical analysis courses where professors or academicians double up as faculty, at Clover Edge, you get the Practitioner-Tutor advantage. Here, you can learn the practical aspects of trading and get real, hands-on training and resolve bottlenecks that you might be facing in your day to day trading.

Unique Interpretation of Technical Analysis Theories:

Real life trading often warrants a unique approach and unorthodox interpretation of classical theories. Classic Technical analysis provides you a base. But markets are continuously evolving and so should we. Hence, at Clover Edge, we combine the strongest of Classic charting theories and Modern technical analysis to create powerful systems for today’s fast changing markets. We teach you systems that let you see what others most traders don’t, so that you can take positions well before the markets move. That is what defines professional traders (vs. amateurs), who are always two steps ahead.

Practical and Insightful:

Clover Edge’s courses are influenced by decades of practical insights, proven methodologies, and successful trading. We believe that the practicality and applicability of our courses offers the biggest advantage to our students. A single system cannot take advantage of all market stages, that is why our curriculum equips you with multiple strategies that you can apply as markets change from bull to bear and many times sideways.